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"I’m excited for readers to meet all of the lovable—and some not so lovable—characters of this story. Choosing the 1990s as the time period was easy since it was the era in modern American history just before we were so connected. Before social media, smart phones, and Google maps. A time when it was easier to get lost. My goal while writing this book was to take readers off the beaten path, to places outside their comfort zone, and to entertain the heck out of them. I hope they enjoy the trip!" - N.R. Leigh 

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It’s the 1990s, before Google maps and cell phones, and three young women get lost, some because they want to. They crisscross the country in this coming-of-age story where peace and love are good intentions until someone gets hurt…

KARA escapes from home with a secret she cannot hide much longer and flees deep into the New Mexico wilderness, a seemingly vast place to a simple Midwestern girl. AMY, who has been parenting her drug-dependent mother, falls for an exotic drifter passing through town, becomes love-struck, and decides to follow him on a romantic, inspirational adventure. NATASHA, born into privilege, rebels against her family’s expectations and joins the Grateful Dead tour circuit, selling contraband and relishing in her sexual freedom until one bad deal too many catches up with her.

When teenaged GRAE climbs into a rusted Volkswagen van hidden on her family’s property, she finds journals from the ’90s documenting these three women’s intertwining journeys. She finally discovers the truth about her mother, along with what really happened over those dramatic six months that connected them all forever, as each woman searched for freedom and found much more than she bargained for…

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